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Order Status & Tracking Access
Turnaround Estimates
Invalid or Inactive Tracking Number
Experiencing a Shipping Delay?
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Order Status & Tracking

To track an existing order, please log into your Zazzle account and review your Order History.

The 4 Stages of Order Status

Pending: We have received your order and are in the process of manufacturing it.
Processed: Your order is in the creation phase or is awaiting shipment.
Shipped: We have queued your order for shipment. In the case of traceable packages, a tracking number is issued at this point. Please keep in mind that if your order was queued for shipment after standard shipping times (6PM PST) or on a weekend, then it was not put in transit until the following business day.
Canceled: Your order has been formally canceled within our system. If you are unsure why your order has been cancelled, please contact Customer Support.

Making Changes to an Order

After your order is placed, it is generally processed within two hours. Once your order has been processed, it immediately moves to the manufacturing phase and can no longer be modified or canceled. For more information on modifying or canceling an existing order, please click here.

If you are having difficulty tracking your order, please feel free to contact Customer Support.

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Turnaround Estimates

Most Zazzle products are manufactured within 24 hours of placing your order.
Please note, however, if you you ordered one of the following products (as indicated in checkout process), the processing time needed to create your order may exceed the 24 hour standard.

The following products will take longer than 24 hours to manufacture:
1. Stitch file digitization takes 1-2 business days, manufacturing takes 1 business day.
2. Orders for 100 or greater units of any ornament, necklace or premium keychain style will require 5-7 business days to manufacture.
3. These product options are not typically available via our international portal sites. Screen Printed Apparel 7-10 business days
Dark Apparel 3-5 business days
Dark Bags 3-5 business days
Embroidered Products (Apparel, Hats & Bags) 2-3 business days1
Binders 7-14 business days3
Stamps 2-3 business days3
Calendars 2-3 business days3
Skateboards 8-10 business days
Keds Shoes 3-4 weeks
Necklaces 3 business days2,3
Ornaments 3 business days2,3
Envelopes 7-14 business days3
Coasters 4-5 business days3
Photo Sculptures 5-7 business days
Premium Keychains 3 business days2,3
Photo Prints & Enlargements 5-7 business days
Framed Posters & Prints 10-12 business days
OrigAudio Doodle Speakers 2-3 business days
ARTSPROJEKT LABz Tee Shirt of the Week 5 weeks3

Case-Mate Cases (iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry) 3-7 business days

*Shipping estimates will vary depending on the shipping method selected at checkout, and are not included in the manufacturing turnaround times posted above.
Important Shipping Terms Defined

Large Orders: Quantities of 50 or more pieces of any given product are considered “High Volume Orders” and may add 2-3 additional business days to the timeframes listed above.
Business Days: Zazzle and its couriers (UPS, FedEx & the US Postal Service) all consider “business days” to be Monday through Friday, not including holidays or scheduled service interruptions. Please check with your local postal service for all other regional restrictions and observed holidays that may delay receipt of your shipment.
First Day in Transit: Zazzle and its couriers (UPS, FedEx & the US Postal Service) all consider the official “first day in transit” to be the business day following the pickup of the package.

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Inactive or Invalid Tracking Number?

Tracking numbers do not become active on couriers’ websites until after the delivery driver picks up and scans the package. In most cases, the initial tracking information will not be made available in their online tracking systems until the packages have reached the main sorting facility (generally after 8:00PM PST on the day of pickup).

Please check your order status page or your shipping confirmation email to see when the package was queued for shipment from our production facility.

If your order was queued for shipment after standard shipping cutoff times (6PM PST) or on a weekend, then it will not be picked up by the courier until the following business day. UPS, FedEx & the United States Postal Service all consider business days to be Monday through Friday, not including holidays or scheduled service interruptions.

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Experiencing a shipping delay?

Once you have received your Zazzle shipping confirmation, please feel free to contact Customer Support if your package is taking longer to be delivered than was indicated to you during the checkout process.

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